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Fractional F&B Positions Your Business Could be Using Right Now

David Pelyhes
December 14, 2023
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In the fast-paced, competitive F&B industry, getting and staying ahead means constantly innovating and remaining agile. An increasingly popular emerging strategy for F&B businesses is leveraging fractional professionals – contracted temporary experts who bring specialized skills and fresh perspectives.

Fractional experts are ideal when you haveuncertain budgets, need to remain flexible in trying out new strategies, or want to add a fresh perspective to a project, all without forking out upfront and waiting for the right full-time hire.

We’ve seen firsthand the immediate impact fractional experts can have on a business. So we’ve pulled together a list of the most popular positions where fractional talent can drive innovation and boost profitability.

Fractional F&B Positions Your Business Could be Using Right Now

Fractional talent can be deployed everywhere from the factory floor to the board room. But we’ve identified the positions where a fractional hire could most benefit an ambitious, growing F&B business.

Here are the top positions where fractional talent could have the most impact for the best return on your investment.

Project Manager

Project managers are crucial for overseeing new product launches, marketing campaigns, or operational improvements. A fractional project manager can lead specific initiatives, ensuring they are completed on time and within budget, in addition to, or instead of a full-time hire.

A valuable fractional project manager will bring a fresh perspective and the specific expertise needed to ensure effective team collaboration and project success.

Food Safety Consultant

With ever-evolving food safety regulations, having an expert on board is essential. A fractional food safety consultant should be engaged in the latest updates to the food safety guidelines and laws, making them an invaluable addition to your existing team.

An experienced fractional food safety expert can help navigate complex regulations, implement improved safety protocols, and provide staff training, ensuring your business always remains compliant, consistent, and safe.


Hiring C-level executives can be a significant investment. Fractional Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), Chief Operating Officers (COO), or Chief Strategy Officers (CSO) can provide the strategic guidance and leadership you need, without the long-term commitment – helping you bridge hiring gaps or add missing skills to your team.

A fractional C-suite hire brings experience and business acumen that is difficult to find. They can provide a huge amount of high-level value to the business, developing and executing strategies for marketing, operations, and overall business growth.

R&D Specialist

The F&B industry thrives on innovation, whether it's developing new flavors, healthier options, or more sustainable packaging. A fractional R&D specialist combines culinary expertise with market insights to ensure your business is constantly innovating and staying ahead of the curve.

They can pilot new concepts to a commercial scale up, refine or extend existing product lines, and integrate tasting feedback to keep your product offerings fresh and competitive.

Procurement and Sourcing

Optimizing your procurement and sourcing can significantly reduce costs and improve quality. A fractional procurement and sourcing expert provides the specific knowledge and connections needed to streamline your supply chain, negotiate better deals with suppliers, and identify new sourcing opportunities.

These improvements can increase efficiency and reduce costs to your entire chain of operations.

Supply Chain Management

Managing a complex supply chain in the F&B industry requires experience and expertise. A fractional supply chain manager comes with the right contacts and hands-on experience to streamline your supply chain.

With so many moving parts, supply chains are ripe for optimization. It’s an area of business that can benefit from a fresh pair of experienced eyes. A fractional expert could help you optimize logistics, reduce waste, and improve order fulfillment to ensure that your products are delivered efficiently to your customers.

Ensure Efficient Operations and Continued Innovation with Fractional Expertise

Incorporating fractional experts into your F&B business can be a game-changer. These professionals bring specialized skills, fresh perspectives, and the flexibility to focus on specific projects or strategic areas.

Whether it’s ensuring compliance with food safety laws, spearheading a new marketing strategy, or innovating your product line, fractional experts can provide the solutions you need to stay competitive and agile.

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