Food Industry Consultants with a Fresh Approach

At JPG Resources, we do things differently. You won’t find our web pages full of client logos. We believe that we’re here to build your brand, not vice versa.

We aren’t typical food product development consultants. We believe that your final food product must work all the way through production, the distribution channel and the full P&L – not just on a lab bench.

We’re not typical marketing consultants who want to ‘wow’ you with fancy charts and blow out of town when the real work starts. We will work with you, in the trenches, to make sure that the execution of your product really happens the way you envision.

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Our Approach

So who are we? We are Food Business Builders. The JPG Resources difference is that we are business people, not narrow specialists in the food industry. We have done our time at the big CPG houses, and we’ve paid our dues in the start-ups too. We have been there, done that and then some. In a few short years, we’ve launched over 80 successful products.

Our mission is to use our food industry experiences to make your vision come to life – no matter if your brand is about to be born or needs to be reborn. We work with companies with over $100 billion in sales. We work with “companies” with nothing more than a dream in their pocket. And we love them all the same!

Talk with us about the JPGR difference.
Let’s build a business!

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