At JPG Resources, we appreciate our clients, strategic partners and team members. For the past two years, we’ve had the opportunity to mentor and learn from some awesome interns.

Our blog post today features Hannah A., our 2015 summer intern majoring in food science at Michigan State University.

Hannah describes herself as smart, trustworthy and determined. She loves playing tennis and hanging out with good friends. She’s majoring in food science because of her love for science. Plus, Hannah enjoys creating and making food better. She looks forward to seeing products on the store shelves that she had a part in developing.

Hannah recently completed her sophomore year at MSU. When asked which person she would pick to spend the day with, living or dead, she said Shirley Temple! Hannah explains…Since I was little, Shirley Temple has always been someone I looked up to. She was very well-mannered and extremely talented in all she did. While I am not following the same path that she did, I would like to hold myself to her standards.

So far this summer, Hannah has learned from the JPG Resources team: Every day is a chance to learn something new. Even if you think you know [something already], there could always be a more efficient or different way to do things. She appreciates the opportunities she’s had at JPG Resources including one piece of advice a team member has shared that stuck out to her: Even if you are doing something that is very complicated, keep working at it and you can accomplish things that others might not think you could.

Thanks, Hannah, for your contributions to our team and clients this summer. Hannah offers her own advice with her favorite quote: Hakuna Matata – It means no worries. Sounds like a great way to finish the summer!

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