JPG Resources Leadership Team

Jeff Grogg 200

Managing Director and Product Development

Jeff Grogg

Jeff founded JPG Resources to build food and beverage companies. JPG Resources now has four primary areas of practice and a staff of over 40 with focus areas of Strategy and Sales, Product Development, Supply Chain and Technical & Consumer Services. JPG Resources is led by a team of senior leaders who are results focused business people with depth developed at leading companies and an entrepreneurial spirit that connects with companies at all stages of growth.

Before launching JPG Resources in 2009, Jeff provided product and business leadership at Kashi as the company grew from $25 million to $750 million in sales over 9 years. Since 2009, JPGR has launched hundreds of successful products, and continues to work with companies of all sizes to build strong and innovative businesses.

Jeff’s business experiences have given him direct insight into rapidly moving food and beverage concepts from blue sky to market shelf, as well as into the creation of brands and products that capture the hearts of consumers, retailers and investors.

He has founded and operated companies in the manufacturing, sales and consulting fields, and sits on various company boards.

Contact Jeff: and 269.979.4640 x102


Lucinda Wright 200x200

Lead Team and Marketing & Sales

Team Lead: Lucinda Wright

  • Former VP of Marketing, Kellogg Company and Director of Food Product Development, Meijer
  • Developed new brand and business platforms and managed innovation – pipeline through commercialization
  • Increased revenue, profit and margin for Kellogg’s natural/organic division
  • Supported sales growth in grocery/mass/club, natural and international for both Kellogg and Meijer
  • Awarded Top 20 Best New Frozen Products from Supermarket Review
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Pete borozan 200x200

Lead Team and Supply Chain Management

Team Lead: Pete Borozan

  • Retired VP of Operations, Nestle Pizza and Hot Pockets Divisions
  • Expertise in End to End Supply Chain Management, while building strong teams and relationships
  • Recognized for Innovative approaches to problem solving that yielded significant business benefits at both Kraft and Nestle
  • 27 years of experience in Food with Kraft and Nestle across multiple functions
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Lead Team and Technical & Consumer Services

Team Lead: Lynn Townsend

  • Has 15+ years of food industry experience including more than a decade at Kellogg Company in food technology, consumer data analysis and communications, corporate quality, sensory and stability and research and development
  • Received the Article of the Year from the Consumer Relationship Management Journal for insights into consumer relationship marketing LASSO the Consumer_SOCAP 1999
  • Former adjunct professor facilitating learning for adults in public speaking and group dynamics
  • Holds a food science degree from Purdue University and a master’s in communication from Western Michigan