Technical & Consumer Services

From data to decisions: Our Technical & Consumer Services Team can help you make business decisions about a product’s shelf-life, shipping conditions, quality food parameters, competitor nutritional attributes, nutritional labeling, product claims and regulatory compliance, consumer messaging and more.

We help align your product quality from manufacturing and shelf life through labeling claims and consumer relations. Our current services include:

  • Accelerated Shelf-Life Testing
  • Ambient Shelf-Life Testing
  • Custom Stability Test Design with 14 Unique Chambers
  • Production Quality Reviews and Retains
  • Prop 65 Compliance Support
  • Sensory Panel Reviews
  • In-market Sample Retrieval and Analysis
  • Analytical Partner Management
  • Nutritional Labeling (NLEA), Ingredient and Allergen Statements & Product Claims
  • Food and Quality Regulatory Support
  • Non-GMO, Organic, Kosher and Allergen Certification
  • Home-Use Instructions/Recipes
  • Survey Development, Implementation & Analysis
  • Consumer Relationship Gap Analysis, Management & Response – Reputation Management


In three short years, our trained team has evaluated more than 165 products in accelerated, abuse and real-time shelf-life studies. The products have ranged from shelf-stable to refrigerated to frozen including: bars, gluten-free cereals, granolas, chips, cookies, crackers, desserts, fresh fruit, hummus, meat, puddings, dry and prepared sauces, protein shakes, snack mixes, spice blends, tortillas, veggie snacks, fresh vegetables and frozen veggie patties.

Connect with us to get the data you need to positively support your product quality and enhance your consumer’s experience.