Fresh food category consultants

Fresh Food Category Expertise

JPG Resources has experience in the Fresh/Deli set with frozen and refrigerated doughs, meal kits and salad dressings, as well as novel concepts like on-demand fresh baked goods. We are also experienced in the nut, dried fruits and trail mix segments.

We help grow brands by providing products and processes that enable innovation in this space including product ideas that promote fresh and healthy eating.


      • Bakery/Baked Goods
        • Breads/Bagels
        • Cakes
        • Cookies
        • Desserts
        • Donuts
        • Muffins
        • Pies
        • Ready-to-bake Doughs
      • Deli
        • Cheeses
        • Meats
      • Produce
        • Dried Fruits
        • Dressings
        • Nut Mixes
        • Innovation in special packs, kits, seasonings, more