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Anne Haas, our supply chain and procurement team member, shared her I’ve Got Your Give Back! volunteer effort with her son’s school garden. Here are the highlights: I volunteered in my son’s school garden. We had a horticulturist visit and work with the classes on how to identify plants and weeds, how to care for the soil and what mulch does.

Six classes of elementary students participated – three kindergarten, one first grade and two fourth grade. I pulled weeds with the kindergartners. They were so proud of their bags of weeds and some even dug huge ones out. One group of fourth graders was very excited to work side-by-side with the Principal on their project.

At the end of our hard work, the students were thrilled to see the results! Our outdoor garden adventure gave the children a sense of ownership in the school. Bonus: The students couldn’t wait to share the information they learned with their parents. 

Thanks Anne!



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